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Features and Application

  • Payload capacity 5 -10 Kg
    Lightest weight in the same class.
    * As of October 2017. Lightest among IP67 rated ATC with payload capacity of 7 to 10 kg. (Based on our own research)
  • Lightest weight but strongest, safest.
    NITTAOMEGA type S10 is a compact and lightest weight automatic tool changer with reliable cam mechanism.
  • Dustproof and waterproof
    Can be used for coolant and dust condition.
  • The non-contact communication module as standard.
    Maintenance free of signal pins.
  • Pneumatic ports with check function.
    It is not needed to put off the air pressure when it is chucked / unchucked.
  • Valious optionproducts such as robot flange conversion plats, recommended fittings and others.


Dimensional outline




Payload capacity 5~10Kg
Allowable moment 40.6Nm
Allowable torque 34.3Nm
Housing diameter φ57mm
Combined profile 40.6mm
Main body material Aluminum Alloy
Position repeatability ±0.010mm
Air pressure for Working 0.4~0.85MPa
Weight Robot side 151g
Tool side 88g
Robot side Output signals: 4 + 1 (Inzone)
Tool side Applicable sensor: DC 3-wire sensor
(Max. 4 points)
Pneumatic port Quantity 6 (with check function)
Effective cross section 2.26mm2/port
CV value 0.13/port
Max pressure 0.855MPa
Temperature 0~60℃ *1
Humidity 0~95% *2

*Standard Remote sensor type
*1 No freeze
*2 No condensation


Products Lineup

Product Name Electrical signal Part No.
Remote sensor type
(Non-contact communication)
Robot side NPN type Output signals:
4 + 1 (Inzone)
SCR04-6JN00 Drawing
PNP type SCR04-6JN01 Drawing
Tool side - Applicable sensor:
DC 3-wire sensor
(Max. 4 points)
SCT04-6JC00 Drawing
Signal pin type,
15-core solder terminal
Robot side - 2.5A:15pins SCR15-6JN00 Drawing
Tool side - SCT15-6JC00 Drawing
Signal pin type,
15-core cable (1m)
Robot side - 2.5A:15pins SCR15-6JN01 Drawing
Tool side - SCT15-6JC01 Drawing
Signal pin type,
25-core solder terminal
Robot side - 2.5A:25pins SCR25-6JN00 Drawing
Tool side - SCT25-6JC00 Drawing
Signal pin type,
25-core cable (1m)
Robot side - 2.5A:25pins SCR25-6JN01 Drawing
Tool side - SCT25-6JC01 Drawing


Robot flange conversion plate

Part No. Supported robots (in alphabetical order)
Robot side SCPR10-A01 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. : RC005L
Fanuc Corporation : CR-7iA, LRMate200iD
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation : RV-7FR
Tool side SCPT10-A01 Drawing
Robot side SCPR10-A02 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. : RS010L Drawing
Tool side SCPT10-A02 Drawing
Robot side FAX-00D-00 Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. : MZ07 Drawing
Tool side SCPT16-A00 Drawing
Robot side SCPR10-A04 Kaskawa Electric Corporation : MOTOMAN-GP7, MOTOMAN-GP8 Drawing
Tool side SCPT10-A04 Drawing

*For Kawasaki RC006L, no conversion plate is needed, but a spigot adjustment ring is required.


Brochure Instruction Manual


Click here to see drawings of standard products

*We have 24V common type and adaptor plates.
*We have more than 400kg payload product.


Brochure and instruction manual files are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). If your browser does not read Acrobat's PDF files, the Acrobat Reader is free to download here.

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