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  • Power Transmission and
    Conveyor Belts/
    Conveyor Units

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    Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts/Conveyor Units As time passed, market needs changed step by step from quicker and greater conveyance to more precise conveyance. Nitta develops various types of belts for high functions and added values to fill such needs. In order to meet this generation's market demands for faster, larger volume and more precise conveyance, Nitta has developed a variety of high-function, added-value belts to fill the need.

  • Tubings&Fittings

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    Tubings&Fittings Nitta’s line of tubing comes in inch and metric versions, with types including polyurethane, nylon, polyolefin, fluorocarbon, and flame-resistant. Fitting options are Push-One, Chemifit (for ultrapure applications), QuickSeal, and QDC.

  • Automotive Products

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    Automotive Products We provide products that meet the needs of our customers through resin tubes and air suspension parts that are useful for the transfer of gas and liquid required in various fields of the automobile industry.

  • Industrial wiper and Molded rubber Products

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    Industrial wiper and Molded rubber Products Nitta develops highly value-added rubber products that respond to various desires in the industrial machinery sector, where industrial machinery is becoming more sophisticated in performance and functions.

  • Air filter, Monitoring equipment for clean environment& Decontamination equipment.

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    Air filter, Monitoring equipment for clean environment& Decontamination equipment. Nitta Air filter business started in 1960.We provides the clean air quality environment by the various air solution products.

  • Mechatronic Products

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    Mechatronic Products NITTA is offering automatic tool changers (ATC) to provide robots with multiple functions; swivel joints to move robots flexibly and smoothly; and swivel changers where the ATC and the swivel joint are integrated compactly.

  • Intelimer™Tape

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    Intelimer™Tape It is a new type of functional adhesive tape whose
    tacky←→non-tacky can be controlled by
    changing the temperature.

  • RFID Magnetic Sheet

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    RFID Magnetic Sheet We have developed an environment-friendly high-performance electromagnetic wave absorption sheet by integrating our own rubber and resin technologies to accommodate the development in mobile electronic equipment and wireless communication, as well as permeation of RFID tags (non-contact IC cards) in the market.

  • Robot hand for soft handling SOFTmatics™

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    Robot hand for soft handling SOFTmatics™

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