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Features and Application

The solution for new generation robots and welding process demands

  • 250 to 350kg payload capacity
  • Adapted to 13 different kinds of robots (P.C.D.160) directly.
  • Thin, light, but extremely high load capacity by direct installation to the robot, 3 tapered pins and split tool adaptor structure
  • Durability and maintainability are highly improved by new cam lock structure
  • Adapted to next generation CT modules


Dimensional outline




Payload 250~350㎏
Allowable moment 2,205Nm
Allowable torque 2,205Nm
O.D. Φ265㎜
Thickness when coupled 90㎜
Main body Material Aluminum alloy
position repeatability ±0.025㎜
Operational driving pressure 0.39~0.85ⅯPa
Main body weight Robot side 6.1㎏
Tool side 5.2㎏
Plate weight Robot side Not required (Can be attached directly to P.C.D. 160)
Tool side
Electrical signals Current 3A
No. of signals None or 20 signals
Output signal Chuck signal
Unchuck signal
Face signal
Environment Ambient temperature 0~60℃(No freezing)
Ambient humidity 0~95%RH(No condensation)
Connector part number Robot side MS3102A24-28P
Tool side MS3102A24-28S


Instruction Manual


Click here to see drawings of standard products

Robot adapter Tool adapter Wiring diagram of above adapters


*We have 24V common type and adaptor plates.


Brochure and instruction manual files are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). If your browser does not read Acrobat's PDF files, the Acrobat Reader is free to download here.

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