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Functional Modules

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Functional Modules


Features and Function

  • All modules can be used with NITTAOMEGA Ⅳ, NITTAOMEGA XC300, NITTAOMEGA XC400  and NITTAOMEGA XC500. They are flexible to diverse applications.
  • Many kinds of modules can transfer air, water, electric current and signal inside.
  • Every module has the same setting pattern to adaptors so that you can choose the module position as you like.
  • Modules out of our standard can be designed by your request. Modules for other type of tool changers also can be realized.



Spot welding module Hydraulic module Servo motor module
Product code Robot side OMRW03-※ Tool side OMTW03-※ Robot side OMRH04-004 Tool side OMTH04-006 Robot side OMRX21-※ Tool side OMTX21-※
inter face

Connector type
3 - 100A pin

4 - Rc 1/2 Port
CV value 3.4/port

6 - 20A pin
15 - 3A pin

Weight 1.0kg 1.0kg 0.8kg 0.8kg
Material Withstand voltage resin Main body: Aluminum Alloy
Fitting: Stainless,
Withstand voltage resin


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