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Fall Prevention System

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Features and benefits

  • Prevent tool falling by operational error, hand-operation mistake of solenoid valve, and residual air pressure by hose bent or choked.
  • Easy mount on existing ATC system


Product code CAR-006-**
Dimensional outline
(excluding fittings)
Main body material Aluminum alloy
Weight 0.98kg(9.6N)
Working fluid Air
Air pressure of working 0~0.99MPa(0~9.9kgf/mm2)
Port diameter (nominal) Rc(PT)1/8(6A)
Product components Fall prevention mechanical valve ASSY Bracket for mechanical valve Adaptor plate Dog to check the unchucking position
  • For details on adoption of the drop prevention system and detailed specifications, please inquire with our sales office. We strongly recommend the use of this product to ensure safe operation of the NITTA Tool Changer.
  • If this system cannot be used for structural reasons, we can offer an alternative fall prevention systems (gun stand system).




*We have 24V common type and adaptor plates.

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