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MC-0 Model and type number identification


  • Optimized for conveyor lines for small load.
  • Highly compact-design with a small curve radius.
  • Clean and offers direct contact conveyance of food.
  • Neither transition roller nor gap plate is required.
  • Low-noise and less vibration.
  • Operable at a wide range of speed from low to high.


Body Curve angle α (degrees) 90
Inside radius Ri (mm) 180 150 100
Belt working width N (mm) 70 100 150
Radius from the center
Rm (mm)
215 200 175
Machine height H (mm) 240~250±20
Conveyor belt Nitta New Light Grip 1 ply
Choose from the ( curve belt list).
Body paint color Silver metallic paint
Performance Maximum conveyance capacity 29.4 N/set
Speed at the center of the belt
A:1 to 17、B:5 to 20 m/min variable speed *1
Operating environment 0 °C to 40 °C (indoors); avoid direct sunlight, dust, water or chemical exposure.
Motor Geared motor Motor 25 W
Power supply: single, phase, 100 V *2

※1 Specify the speed (A or B) at the time of order placement.

※200 V (single phase) operation is optional.

  • For other specifications, please contact us.

The specifications of this product are subject to change for improvements, etc. without prior notice.

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