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Conveyor Units

  • Curve conveyor

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    Curve conveyor The curve conveyor system works efficiently in the minimal space of conveyor line systems. This conveyor system is the belt curving type conveyor, which turns goods on the conveyor belt smoothly and freely at any angular direction.

  • Spiral conveyor

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    Spiral conveyor This space and energy saving spiral conveyor is designed to convey goods upward and downward, turning them around in spirals at wide range of speeds from slow to fast.

  • Non-snaking conveyor

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    Non-snaking conveyor The belt conveyor smoothly conveys goods on one belt, changing plane angles from flat to tilted and vice versa. The belt, held by holders, relieves users of the bother of adjusting and correcting meandering and leaning to one side.

  • Junction conveyor

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    Junction conveyor As the core of your high-speed logistics system, the Nitta merging/branching conveyors flexibly meet various packages. This conveyor is vital for merging and branching of the conveyor line and meets a wide range of needs in the logistics industry.

  • Curve belt list

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