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Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts

  • PolySprint™

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    PolySprint belts make it possible to build a simple endless belt in a short period of time using a special tool on site. They are compatible with small pulley diameter due to their excellent dimensional stability and flexibility. With our PolySprint belts, we are aggressively pioneering new uses in the field of conveyance for printed materials, mail, etc.

  • Polybelt™

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    Because of the tough polyamide film used in the tension member and the excellent durability of the special rubber used in the covering materials, we have been able to achieve high-speed, powerful driving and conveyance. Polybelts are being used widely in a broad range of industries.

  • New Light Grip™(NLG™)

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    This tough, low-stretch polyester cloth belt comes with a hygienic, highly durable belt covering made from a variety of materials, including urethane resin and PVC. This makes the NLG a resin belt that meets a wide variety of conveyance needs in many industries.

  • SEB™(Super Endless Belt)

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    This belt has several added functions and characteristics such as simplified endless function (finger joint), dimensional stability, and compatibility with small a pulley. This is a new product for which the company is proactively marketing applications in the field of banknote conveyance.

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