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Swivel Joint

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Swivel Joint

Eliminates the loss of production time from wiring disconnection.
Shortens production cycle time.
Quickens the production line setup.

NITTA Swivel Joint

Dramatically increases the flexibility and motion range of robot arms. It eliminates the complexities associated with piping and wiring, and supports the continuous, two-way flow of electricity and supply fluid between moving and non-moving components. With a NITTA swivel joint, you can shorten the production cycle time and improve production line availability by eliminating the common cause of production line stoppage: disconnection of cables and hoses. When used with a spot welding robot in an automobile production line, a NITTA swivel joint will enable the robot to be taught offline, which was once believed to be unachievable.

Features and benefits

  • Highly reliable sealing
  • Highly reliable electrical pathways
  • Fluid pathways with low-pressure loss
  • High serviceability with module design
  • Coverage of various utilities
  • Optimum design; compact and light-weight

Typical applications

  • Welding robots
  • Material handling
  • Welding tools

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Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
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Swivel Joint
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