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Nitta Group Code of Conduct

The Nitta Group strives to provide excellent and valuable products and services in order to gain the trust of and grow together with public society.
To this end, all employees working within the Group hereby promise to comply with and implement this newly established “NITTA Group Code of Conduct“.

Nitta Group Code of Conduct

  • Providing High-Quality Products and Services
  • As a manufacturing firm, we provide high-quality products and services, earning customer satisfaction and trust while contributing to the development of industrial world.

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • We will comply with the laws and regulations of both our home nation and all other nations/regions, respect social norms, and take action with sincerity and moderation.

  • Proactive and Fair Disclosure of Company Information
  • We place importance on open communication with a wide variety of stakeholders and disclose company information in a proactive and fair manner.

  • Mutual Respect and a Comfortable Working Environment
  • We respect the diversity, personalities, and individuality of our staff and strive to build a work environment that is comfortable and takes safety, as well as physical and mental health, into consideration.

  • Contribution to Public Society
  • We will actively pursue social contribution activities as conscientious corporate citizens.

  • Contribution to Environmental Issues
  • We will voluntarily and actively contribute to global environmental conservation and protection.

  • Working in Cooperation with International Society
  • As we develop our business activity globally, we will respect human rights and international regulations, take both the culture and practices of nations/regions and stakeholders interests into consideration, and contribute to the development of the local nation/region’s economy.

  • Fair Dealing
  • Our dealings in the global market are fair, transparent, appropriate, and allow for free competition.
    We also take thorough action to eliminate links with anti-social groups.

  • Suitable Handling of Data
  • When handling the personal, customer, and other types of data we obtain through our business, we use it in the pursuit of specific purposes and take thorough action to protect it.

  • Establishing a System of Corporate Ethics
  • In order to realize the spirit of this code, we will strive to establish and maintain a system that promotes corporate ethics and encourages concrete actions from a valid ethical viewpoint.
    If something occurs that violates this Code of Conduct, we will work to solve the issue as soon as possible, identifying the cause in order to prevent recurrence, while also exercising our information disclosure and accountability obligations.

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