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Nitta Group Mission


"Nitta Group Mission "(Mission, Values and Principles) is the fundamental value standard of the Group.

NITTA Group Mission Diagram

NITTA Group Mission Diagram Going ahead with you

Nitta Group Logo

Nitta Group Logo

In order to actualize being the [Global No.1 Partner] as declared in the mid-long term business plan (V2020), Nitta is promoting global expansion proactively.


In order to promote Phase 2 of V2020, we established a new group logo as a symbol of all Nitta group companies who expand overseas as well.

Corporate Symbol

Corporate Symbol

Nitta started operations in 1885 in Osaka. The founder’s goal was “to manufacture with our own hands products that cannot be available in Japan.” After many years, this same concept still defines the businesses of Nitta. Our mission is to capture leading market shares in new business domains as we work closely with customers and suppliers based on the spirit of “Invention & Innovation.” The Nitta Group remains dedicated to achieving more growth and progress on a global scale.

Nitta Group Code of Conduct

The Nitta Group strives to provide excellent and valuable products and services in order to gain the trust of and grow together with society. To this end, all employees working within the Group hereby promise to comply with and implement this newly established ⌈ Nitta Group Code of Conduct ⌋.

Nitta Group Code of Conduct

  • We will pursue customer trust and satisfaction, and provide high quality products and services.
  • We will respect the spirit of rules and laws in addition to their compliance, in order to conduct free, fair, and transparent transactions based on fair market competition.
  • We will actively and openly disclose corporate information for the purpose of communicating with our shareholders, investors, and society in general.
  • We will respect the diversity, personalities, and individuality of our employees and secure safe and ideal working environments.
  • We will actively pursue social contribution activities as a conscientious corporate citizen.
  • We will voluntarily and actively contribute to global environmental conservation and protection.
  • We will comply with international rules and local laws overseas, and conduct business activities while respecting local cultures and traditions.
  • We will develop awareness as a member of our society, respect social rules and Common sense, and conduct sincere and reasonable actions.
  • We will properly handle and store information gained through our business activities according to its nature.
  • In order to realize the spirit of this code, we will strive to establish and maintain a corporate ethics promotion system, and consistently implement concrete actions.

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